• Air Date : October 6th 2012

    Living Above The Line (part 3)*

    Living Above The Line ( part 3 )

    Pastor Jenkins shows us a story in the Bible of a woman who’s love and gratitude to Jesus is expressed through her extravagant giving. This woman shows up in the presence of Jesus not looking for anything, not asking for anything, but she comes with a gift, and a commitment to honor Christ.

  • Air Date : September 29th 2012

    Living Above The Line (part 2)*

    Living Above The Line ( part 2 )

    The term “learning curve” often refers to the initial difficulty of learning a specific subject matter. It’s a common metaphor used to describe the process we encounter while trying to grasp or fully understand a new task. Even after we are somewhat familiar with a subject matter it can still be difficult to grasp or fully understand. Yet we CAN learn how to respond in a way that brings glory to God.

  • Air Date : September 22th 2012

    Living Above The Line (part 1)*

    Living Above The Line ( part 1 )

    Most of us are familiar with the 5 star rating system given to hotels and restaurants for excellent meals or quality service. But there is an even higher rating system in some countries, a higher standard of service! In a similar way God has a higher standard and expectation for those of us who know him to “live above the line”, He wants us to experience more than we could ask or think through life in Him.

  • Air Date : 1/26-1/27/13

    Seven Ways (Part One)

    Seven Ways (Part One)

    If you’ve been in church a while you’ve probably been taught about the importance of giving to God. But just as important as giving to God is understanding how to receive from God.

  • Air Date : 1/19-1/20/13

    Reinvention (Part Three)

    Reinvention (Part Three)

    Whether we’re in a season where everything is going well and we’re happy or we’re in a season of difficulty and trial God wants us to be productive.

  • Air Date : 1/12 - 1/13/13

    Reinvention (Part Two)

    Reinvention (Part Two)

    We must identify each season of our lives so that we don’t enter a new season expecting things to be just as they were in a previous season.

  • Air Date : 1/5 - 1/6/13

    Reinvention (Part One)

    Reinvention (Part One)

    God has plans for our lives and if we don’t grasp this idea of recognizing seasons, we will find ourselves living in a new season but acting like we’re in the old season frustrated that we are in a new place but still expecting old results.